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Welcome to Paradise in Far North Queensland. Are you here for business or pleasure, to see the Great Barrier Reef or the Wet Tropics Rainforest?  Whatever draws you here, this unique region offers you a truly memorable experience.

The stunning views and sandy beaches of the coastal areas contrast with the towering trees and crater lakes of the Cairns Hinterland, where KUR-World will be created.

Located in Myola, just 30 minutes from Cairns International Airport, 20 minutes from Mareeba, and 3 minutes from the Village of Kuranda, Kur-World is easily accessible by road, train or the award-winning Skyrail Rainforest Cableway.

 Kur-World Concept Master Layout

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Environmental Development
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Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)
The Approval Process
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The vision for KUR-World - spread over a 626 hectare site in the Cairns Hinterland - has come from almost two years of site assessments, planning, the evaluation of countless ideas. Accepted as the 18th QLD State Coordinated Project.

The approval process is detailed below.

The Environment Impact Study (EIS) Process

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Protecting the Myola Tree Frog
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Did you know that areas of the KUR-World site are home to the Myola Tree Frog, an endangered species endemic only to the Kuranda region?

The Myola Tree Frog is found in rainforest near slow-moving, permanent and seasonal creeks. The current extent of occurrence for the Myola Tree Frog is estimated to be 13.5km2. The species appears to require reasonably thick riparian forest with males found near creeks, while the females generally inhabit the rainforest canopy, away from the streams.

Reever & Ocean is committed to the responsible management of the site’s ecology, including the endangered Myola Tree Frog.

Community Opportunities
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The focus of the KUR-World eco-tourism project will result in a range of community benefits:

  • The preservation of existing native wildlife habitat along watercourses, retaining ecological diversity.
  • Collaboration with local indigenous people in the use of cultural and medicinal aspects of Aboriginal life.
  • The capacity to attract students from Australia and around the world, by providing a fun, quality learning experience with a focus on local flora and fauna.
  • The ability to attract international and Australian visitors through the provision of health and wellbeing services set in a rejuvenating rainforest environment.
  • The growth of Australia’s national and international reputation for its tropical ecology.
The Past
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In the 1890s, Far North Queensland was inhabited by European pioneers and the local Aboriginal people. The impressive Kuranda Railway was finally complete, and the KUR-World property in Myola was cleared to grow coffee.

The site has since had a varied history. Some coffee plants remain to this day, although old disused milking sheds and cattle fencing provide evidence of pastoral use since the early 1940s.

The original Barnwell Farmhouse

When Reever and Ocean acquired the property in 2014 from the Barnwell family, the work of clearing the scrubby regrowth and restoring the former ecological character of the site began.

The Present
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Today the site of the future KUR-World Integrated Resort is home to KUR-Cow, a cattle grazing and organic farm venture.

The original Barnwell farmhouse has been lovingly restored to its former glory, and the owners can once again enjoy riding horses through the property, swimming in the creeks and watching the cattle graze across the paddocks.

The restored Barnwell Homestead Horse riding, swimming and hiking.
The Future
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The future vision for KUR-World focuses on four key lifestyle themes: Luxury eco-tourism; Education and business; Rejuvenation, health and wellbeing and Adventure and recreation. Two distinct zones have been identified on the site: Serenity and Spirit.

Most of the development will be contained in the northern zone "Serenity" where large scale farming and agriculture has occurred since the 1800s. In contrast, the southern zone "Spirit" is a landscape of steep hills, towering rainforest and pristine natural habitat which has remained largely untouched, and as a result, activity in this area will focus on low impact adventure and nature-based activities. Consideration has also been given to expanding what the region has to offer, rather than replicating what is already here. For example, KUR-World will add to the region’s range of tourism offerings with a range of facilities:

A Health and Wellbeing Medical Retreat and Chinese medicinal herb garden is also planned.

Health and wellbeing medical retreat with a bioresearch facility
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