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Stunning & Tropical
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Welcome to Paradise in Far North Queensland. Are you here for business or pleasure, to see the Great Barrier Reef or the Wet Tropics Rainforest?  Whatever draws you here, this unique region offers you a truly memorable experience.

The stunning views and sandy beaches of the coastal areas contrast with the towering trees and crater lakes of the Cairns Hinterland, where KUR-World will be created.

Located in Myola, just 30 minutes from Cairns International Airport, 20 minutes from Mareeba, and 3 minutes from the Village of Kuranda, Kur-World is easily accessible by road, train or the award-winning Skyrail Rainforest Cableway.

Visit KUR-World via one of the best train journeys in the world – the Kuranda Scenic Railway
Let's Keep It Beautiful
Working With Nature
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When you arrive at KUR-World, the special character of the property is immediately apparent. The mix of Wet Tropics Rainforest, and dryer scrub vegetation is framed by the mountain back-drop. The stunning scenery and views are set-off by the sound of fresh running water, cascading over the rocks, providing an instant sense of tranquillity and rejuvenation.

A significant factor in the KUR-World master plan is the recognition of the diverse environmental systems within
the site. The retention and enhancement of these natural values is a high priority, and all works will be undertaken based on expert advice from environmental specialists.

Using existing walking trails to minimise ecological impacts

For example, by using existing trails and limiting development to disturbed and previously cleared areas – particularly in the Northern Zone (‘Serenity’) - the extent of ecological impact can be minimised. And to maintain water quality and natural habitat, a riparian buffer zone of 50 metres on both sides of waterways has been established.

All buildings will be oriented to follow the existing site contours, reducing the environmental impact and enhancing view aspects along the ridges.

The southern zone – Spirit - will remain largely uncleared, preserving the native wildlife habitat and supporting the planned nature based activities for this area.

Low impact nature-based, adventure activities
Where It All Started
The Vision
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KUR-World is an integrated eco-resort and innovation hub in Tropical North Queensland, where the World Heritage Rainforest meets the Great Barrier Reef.

The vision for KUR-World - spread over a 626 hectare site in the Cairns Hinterland - has come from almost two years of site assessments, planning, and the evaluation of countless ideas. This body of work inspired the vision to create a destination which focuses on four key lifestyle themes:

  1. Luxury eco-tourism
  2. Education and business
  3. Rejuvenation, health and wellbeing
  4. Adventure and recreation

The result will be unique mix of accommodation and complementary facilities, unconstrained by space limitations and inspired by the best characteristics of the site, resulting in a place of relaxation and rejuvenation, unparalleled in the region.

Download the KUR-World Master Plan here Rejuvenate your spirit at KUR-World
The Myola Tree Frog
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Did you know that areas of the KUR-World site are home to the Myola Tree Frog, an endangered species endemic only to the Kuranda region?

The Myola Tree Frog is found in rainforest near slow-moving, permanent and seasonal creeks. The current extent of occurrence for the Myola Tree Frog is estimated to be 13.5km2. The species appears to require reasonably thick riparian forest with males found near creeks, while the females generally inhabit the rainforest canopy, away from the streams.

Reever & Ocean is committed to the responsible management of the site’s ecology, including the endangered Myola Tree Frog.

Ecologically Sustainable
Eco Tourism
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Health and wellbeing, including traditional Chinese treatments

KUR-World will preserve the best characteristics of the site, while transforming previously degraded farm land into a luxurious eco-tourism destination, unrivalled in the region. This will include:

  • A world class 5-star resort, and a 4-star leisure and business resort, designed to reflect the natural environment.
  • Health and wellbeing services, including a medical retreat offering Western and Chinese treatments.
  • A university campus with a focus on environmental studies
  • A range of outdoor learning and adventure activities
  • A rainforest education centre.
A range of outdoor learning and adventure activities

The focus of the eco-tourism offerings will be on enhancement, not change, resulting in a range of benefits:

  • The preservation of existing native wildlife habitat along watercourses, retaining ecological diversity.
  • Collaboration with local indigenous people in the use of cultural and medicinal aspects of Aboriginal life.
  • The capacity to attract students from Australia and around the world, by providing a fun, quality learning experience with a focus on local flora and fauna.
  • The ability to attract international and Australian visitors through the provision of health and wellbeing services set in a rejuvenating rainforest environment.
  • The growth of Australia’s national and international reputation for its tropical ecology.
The Past
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In the 1890s, Far North Queensland was inhabited by European pioneers and the local Aboriginal people. The impressive Kuranda Railway was finally complete, and the KUR-World property in Myola was cleared to grow coffee.

The site has since had a varied history. Some coffee plants remain to this day, although old disused milking sheds and cattle fencing provide evidence of pastoral use since the early 1940s.

The original Barnwell Farmhouse

When Reever and Ocean acquired the property in 2014 from the Barnwell family, the work of clearing the scrubby regrowth and restoring the former ecological character of the site began.

The Present
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Today the site of the future KUR-World Integrated Resort is home to KUR-Cow, a cattle grazing and organic farm venture.

The original Barnwell farmhouse has been lovingly restored to its former glory, and the owners can once again enjoy riding horses through the property, swimming in the creeks and watching the cattle graze across the paddocks.

Farm stays in the restored Barnwell Homestead Horse riding, swimming and hiking.
The Future
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The future vision for KUR-World has come from almost two years of site assessments, planning, and the evaluation of countless ideas.

Accepted as the 18th QLD State Coordinated Project. Click here.

This body of work inspired the vision to create a future destination which focuses on four key lifestyle themes:

  1. Luxury eco-tourism
  2. Education and business
  3. Rejuvenation, health and wellbeing
  4. Adventure and recreation

The master plan for KUR-World has identified two distinct zones on the site: Serenity and Spirit.

Most of the development will be contained in the northern zone, Serenity, where large scale farming and agriculture has occurred since the 1800s.

In contrast, the southern zone, Spirit, is a landscape of steep hills, towering rainforest and pristine natural habitat which has remained largely untouched, and as a result, activity in this area will focus on low impact adventure and nature-based activities.

Consideration has also been given to expanding what the region has to offer, rather than replicating what is already here. For example, KUR-World will add to the region’s range of tourism offerings with – amongst other things - a world class equestrian centre and a health and wellbeing medical retreat with bioresearch facility and Chinese medicinal herb garden, all planned for “Serenity”.

The region’s first world-class equestrian centre A health and wellbeing medical retreat with a bioresearch facility
And On...
A Vibrant Meeting Place
Shopping And Dining
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Located on the main access road into KUR-World, the shopping and dining hub will be a focal point where guests and visitors will come to meet, dine, work, shop and relax in a natural setting. With a mix of retail, restaurants, bars, and a day spa, the KUR-World Hub will also include convention and exhibition spaces, with a feature tropical landscaped garden and amphitheatre, providing a constant flow of gentle activity.

The Hub is conceived as just that - a meeting place with the low key ‘urban’ bustle that enlivens any community. Enhanced by small-scale buildings linked with covered walkways, and plazas forming informal gathering places, The Hub will be designed to blend with its natural environment through the use of landscaping, water and organic materials.

Enjoy the cafes and bars at The Hub Relax at the Day Spa
5 Star Luxury Resort
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The 5 star resort will be the star of the show at KUR-World. Including 200 separate villas, opulent styling, a day spa, a top quality restaurant, various themed pools and pampering facilities, the resort will set the scene for guests who want to be rejuvenated in eco-luxury. Here, they will be pampered beyond their wildest dreams, while experiencing a truly unique tropical environment.

The architectural styling will provide generous spaces and high quality finishes, with a focus on privacy and indulgence. The bespoke resort accommodation will be nestled in the natural setting of the tropical rainforest, where guests will be able to select from a mix of lagoon, golf course and rainforest villas.

Fine dining in the resort restaurant Luxurious accommodation in modern tropical villas
Rainforest Education Centre
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KUR-World’s Rainforest Education Centre will be a leading research facility for students and school groups. The Centre will have low energy consumption and maintenance by incorporating passive and general design principles, especially suitable for the tropics, which also serve as a learning tool and part of the overall educational experience.

Accommodation will be in 14 cabins set in natural tropical surrounds, with communal kitchens and function spaces.

Other features will include multi-use lecture spaces, 8 dedicated labs, and a series of breezeways, terraces and a tropical garden.

The Rainforest Education Centre will include multi-use lecture spaces

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Never A Dull Moment
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The southern section of KUR-World, to be known as Spirit, is an area that has been mostly untouched. It is a landscape of steep hills, towering rainforest and pristine natural habitat. Spirit will provide everything needed for a wild and natural, family experience, including horse riding, bushwalking, swimming and the KUR-World Adventure Park.

The Adventure Park will be the ultimate thrill. Adrenalin-pumping activities designed for exhilaration and fun. Climb rope ladders, hang from trees, balance on suspended bridges and soar along epic flying foxes – an exciting and unforgettable experience for the young and young at heart.

Discover nature’s own swimming holes Take an adrenalin-pumping ride through the rainforest
For The Horse Lovers
Equestrian Centre
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The KUR-World Equestrian Centre will provide a different focus for skilled instructors and novices alike. A world-class venue for functions and demonstrations, including equestrian presentation areas, a covered equestrian arena, stables, and training and riding yards.

Recognising the special bond that horse lovers of all ages enjoy with their animals, KUR-World will be the perfect environment to experience a trek through the forest where both horses and riders will appreciate the peaceful, rural surrounds.

Going hand in hand with the Equestrian Centre, and spread over 12 hectares, will be the KUR-World Farm Theme Park, which will provide another unique experience and accommodation style.

Life on a farm with its own cattle yard and horse stables is a fantasy for kids of all ages, and this precinct sets out to make that fantasy a reality. Here, you can enjoy wandering the paddocks, getting close to the farm animals, or simply being woken by the birds as the farm comes to life every morning.

Stable your horse at the KUR-World Equestrian Centre Enjoy the rural lifestyle of the KUR-World Farm Theme Park

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Be Well. Be Fresh.
Rejuvenation, Health & Wellbeing
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The Medical Retreat will provide the rejuvenation, health and wellbeing focus of KUR-World. It will include a clinic providing treatments for patients with chronic illnesses; facial and cosmetic treatments; body and health checks; accommodation for 70 guests in luxury medical suites; and a bioresearch facility.

Opportunities for traditional Chinese and Aboriginal remedies will be combined with the latest western medicine in a holistic approach to healing the body, mind and spirit.

The KUR-World Medical Retreat will include a Chinese herb garden where plants used in 5,000 year old traditional Chinese medicine will be grown and harvested safely, sustainably and with integrity.

Cutting edge medical treatments and a bio-research laboratory Luxury medical suites for patient recovery
4 Star Leisure & Business
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Located in the retail and dining hub will be a quality 4-star resort catering to families and business visitors, attracted by the wide range of safe and affordable facilities, the conference centre and the bustle of The Hub.

The architectural style of the 270 room resort will reflect the surrounding natural environment and offer features such as a restaurant and bar, pool, resort facilities and a dedicated car park.

Informal tropical dining at the 4-star resort Business and conference facilities for all types of meetings
Always Learning
University Campus
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KUR-World Campus is intended to assume a key position in the nation’s education sector, offering internationally recognised degrees in the fields of language, tourism, primary agriculture, horticulture, medicine, sports science and tropical science.

At the same time, it will become an architectural landmark, symbolising the increasingly elevated status of education in Australia.

Features will include 300 accommodation rooms for 1 or 2 students per room, dining facilities, sports fields, outdoor courts and covered training halls and dedicated car parking.

The university campus will provide a more ‘formal’ landscape, in clear contrast to the natural surrounds. Accommodation will be in two to three-storey blocks, architecturally designed to reflect the surrounding environment.

Attain internationally recognised degrees at KUR-World The University Campus includes a range of indoor and outdoor sports facilities
Get Active. Experience More.
Sports & Activities
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KUR-World will include a range of sporting and outdoor activities, with the jewel in the crown being the central golf course and club house. The KUR-World Golf Club will offer a suite of attractions in addition to the bespoke design 18-hole golf course: Tennis, day spa, restaurant and bar (the19th hole).

The Club will have panoramic views across the golf course, rainforest and mountains beyond, offering the guests and residents of KUR-World a unique dining location.

Other facilities for sporting fans will include soccer and rugby fields, gyms and fitness centres, tennis courts, lap pools and indoor courts.

A range of sporting and training facilities, including a lap pool Anyone for tennis?
Live In KUR-World
Residential Lots
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KUR-World offers the opportunity to purchase a slice of paradise for yourself. Choose from a range of residential lots in two categories:

Lifestyle Lots

These large rural lifestyle lots are located around the Equestrian Centre and Farm Theme Park, and will range in size up to 2,000m². The feel of outback Australia with its simple, raw design will be given a new, modern flavour in this rural setting.

Premium Lots

Premium residential villas will surround and overlook the golf course or rainforest. Each will have a private driveway access and enjoy the full services of the 5-star resort.

Enjoy a rural lifestyle in your own home at KUR-World Golf course living in a premium villa.

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