The future vision for KUR-World focuses on four key lifestyle themes: Luxury eco-tourism; Education and business; Rejuvenation, health and wellbeing and Adventure and recreation. Two distinct zones have been identified on the site: Serenity and Spirit.

Most of the development will be contained in the northern zone "Serenity" where large scale farming and agriculture has occurred since the 1800s. In contrast, the southern zone "Spirit" is a landscape of steep hills, towering rainforest and pristine natural habitat which has remained largely untouched, and as a result, activity in this area will focus on low impact adventure and nature-based activities. Consideration has also been given to expanding what the region has to offer, rather than replicating what is already here. For example, KUR-World will add to the region’s range of tourism offerings with a range of facilities:

A Health and Wellbeing Medical Retreat and Chinese medicinal herb garden is also planned.

Health and wellbeing medical retreat with a bioresearch facility