Latest news from KUR-World and Barnwell Farm



Mareeba Shire Council (MSC) is currently upgrading the existing drinking water reservoir at Warril Drive. This will increase storage capacity to approximately 500kL. MSC identified the need for this upgrade thanks to a regional service reservoir study in 2014. The proposed upgrade addresses the existing shortfall in the reservoir’s storage capacity. This upgrade does not consider a potential growth in water demand associated with the proposed KUR-World project. Water supply and storage requirements and options for the KUR-World Integrated Eco-Resort are currently being considered as part of the Environmental Impact Assessment.

Environmental Studies

The wet season component of fauna surveys has been completed. We recorded approximately 100 species. This number will grow once acoustic records (of bat calls) are analysed.  Of the species recorded, 4 are listed under either the Nature Conservation Act or the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act. These are: the Myola treefrog (Litoria myola), Spectacled monarch (Symposiachrus trivirgatus), Macleay’s fig-parrot (Cyclopsitta diophthalma macleayana) and the Tube-nosed insectivorous bat (Murina florium).

Flora surveys have also been conducted resulting in some adjustment to mapped boundaries and a possible new species of Sauropus recorded (to be confirmed).

Upcoming activities in March:

  • Event based and routine water quality sampling and groundwater monitoring.
  • The first of the 2017 frog surveys.
  • Noise monitoring to establish background noise characteristics for the site.

Social and Community

On February 15th, we had our second Community Reference Group (CRG) meeting. The meeting minutes will be posted on the KUR-World website following review and approval by the CRG. Our team of anthropologists, archaeologists and a native title lawyer are contacting the traditional owners to start their engagement and surveys. Thank you all for registering and coming to the Open Day. We will keep you inform of upcoming open forums.


Open Day

On Saturday February 18th (2017), we had an open day at Barnwell Farm. Over 100 people registered their interest in the event and 65 attended. During this day, everyone had the opportunity to walk around the property, visit the dam, the organic farm and talk to the different technical advisors.

We also listened to the concerns and interests from the community.  We understand that water quality, water management, waste management and access to the site are some of the main community concerns. Currently, the various studies are underway and we do not have all the information to provide answers to these issues. Please subscribe to the newsletter to receive our updates and available information.