KUR-World Declared a Coordinated Project

The Queensland Coordinator General’s decision to declare KUR-World a Coordinated Project has been welcomed by the Chairman of Reever and Ocean Developments Mr Ken Lee.

“With this acceptance of the KUR-World project and subsequent declaration as a ‘co-ordinated project’ we now have a clear direction on how to proceed in terms of the approvals frameworks at the Local, State and Commonwealth levels and over the coming months we will roll out a comprehensive community engagement program.

Mr Lee said the first opportunity for the community to provide input will be review of the Initial Advice Statement (IAS) and then on the release of the Draft Terms of Reference (ToR) for the Environmental Impact Statement that Reever and Ocean will be required to deliver to the various authorities and stakeholder groups.

“The Draft Terms of Reference will be prepared by the Coordinator-General’s office and we expect it to be released next month.

“Information will be available on the KUR-World website providing links to this document widely throughout the community to ensure it is well publicised, Mr Lee said.

Mr Lee acknowledged that KUR-World will present some interesting technical challenges, particularly in relation to environmental issues, but it will also present exceptional opportunities for the region.

“We are prepared to put in every effort, and invest heavily in the required specialist resources, to thoroughly understand what needs to occur during the design and construction phase to ensure protection of the natural environmental, which is an essential aspect of the project.

“We will work with the local community over the next 12 to 18 months to build support and we are confident KUR-World will be a long term asset to the local community, Mr Lee said.

KUR-World is a $640 million proposed integrated resort focussed around Luxury Eco-Tourism; Education and Business; Rejuvenation, Health and Wellbeing and Adventure and Recreation, to be located on 626 hectares in Myola. It will include a world class equestrian centre, medical retreat with bioresearch facility and university campus.

Here’s a link to the Minister’s Statement.

Media Release from Minister's Office

For further information, please contact:

Stuart Ricketts, Project Manager
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