KUR-World Approval Process Moves Another Step Forward

Following the announcement on 12 July that KUR-World in Myola had been declared a ‘Coordinated Project’, the Coordinator General’s office has now invited feedback on the Draft Terms of Reference (ToR) for the KUR-World Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).  The Draft ToR was released today.

KUR-World Project Manager, Stuart Ricketts said this is the first of two formal opportunities for the community to have input into the project.

“Under the approval process, the developer, Reever and Ocean Developments, is required to prepare an EIS describing all potential impacts of the project, so it’s important the ToR includes all matters which need to be addressed,” Stuart said, and added he hoped people would make an effort to read the Draft ToR.

“We prepared an Initial Advice Statement which identifies the potential environmental and social impacts during both the construction and operational phases of KUR-World, but this consultation process is a way of double-checking all bases will be covered in the EIS.

 “We are keen to get feedback, particularly from those people living in the Kuranda and Myola communities who have intimate local knowledge,” Stuart said.

The length of the consultation period is just over four weeks and closes on September 26, 2016.

A copy of the Draft ToR and Initial Advice Statement may be viewed or downloaded from the Coordinator General’s website here.

KUR-World is a $640 million integrated eco resort and innovation hub proposed for Myola and further information on the project may be found at here.

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