KUR-World Community Reference Group Charter Ver5

KUR-World Community Reference Group

Charter (Revised August 19, 2017)


KUR-World is a proposed integrated eco resort and innovation hub in Myola, west of Kuranda. Conceived by Australian company Reever and Ocean Developments Pty Ltd, the 626 hectare site is subject to a stringent approvals process through the Office of the Queensland Coordinator-General, who declared KUR-World a coordinated project on 12th July 2016. 

Under the approval process, Reever and Ocean is required to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), assessing all potential impacts of the project. It is essential the EIS takes into consideration feedback from an array of community and other stakeholders. The Final Terms of Reference (ToR) for the EIS requires the establishment of a Community Reference Group to seek feedback during the study.


Reever and Ocean will form a KUR-World Community Reference Group (KUR-World CRG) to facilitate communication with members of the local community, defined as Kuranda, Myola, Speewah and Koah and Far North Queensland region.

It will complement - not replace - other elements of the stakeholder engagement and as such, will not preclude continued engagement and discussion with other stakeholders


The purpose of this document is to set out the terms of reference, composition and operating arrangements for the KUR-World Community Reference Group (CRG).

The purpose of the KUR-World CRG is to provide a forum through which:

  • Information about KUR-World is made available to key local and regional stakeholders;
  • The local and regional community’s knowledge and skills can be considered in a constructive way;
  • Concerns can be raised, and Reever and Ocean can demonstrate how those concerns have been, or will be, taken into consideration;
  • Information will be disseminated to and collected from key stakeholders;


There will be at least 10 permanent members of KUR-World CRG who will be appointed by Reever and Ocean.

  • The following areas will be represented by the CRG:
    • Local Environment, Community and Planning
    • Indigenous
    • Regional Agriculture and Business
    • Regional Tourism
    • Local Education
    • Regional Social Services
    • Regional Development
    • Natural Resource Management
    • Legal Matters
    • Town Planning and Eco-certification
    • Neighbours
    • Members will be recruited via direct selection by Reever and Ocean
    • A letter of request will be issued seeking interest in the CRG
    • A formal acceptance, along with a current CV and evidence of endorsement from the organisation represented will be required

Reever and Ocean’s Commitment to the CRG

Reever and Ocean will:

  • consider all advice and feedback provided by the CRG;
  • work with the CRG in a constructive, open and transparent manner;
  • advise the CRG on how their recommendations have been considered and/or implemented;
  • ensure all information provided is accurate, complete and timely and written in a manner that is easy to understand;
  • Where a response from Reever and Ocean cannot be given at a meeting, questions shall be taken on notice and a reply given via the meeting notes.

 Conditions of Membership

  • Membership is voluntary and no payment will be made for being part of the CRG (with the exception of arrangements made with indigenous representatives);
  • Any conflict of interest should be declared by members;
  • Undeclared conflicts of interest may result in membership being cancelled;
  • Members will provide briefings to their particular stakeholder group/organisation and bring feedback with them to the meetings.
  • Should any member choose to resign or be asked to resign from the CRG, the vacancy will be filled by seeking advice from other members of the CRG. 


KUR-World CRG will operate for at least 12 months which will cover the time during which the EIS is being prepared as well as the EIS public consultation period.

Reever and Ocean estimates it will be November 2017 before the Coordinator General makes a recommendation on whether the project should proceed subject to conditions and recommendations designed to ensure the project's environmental impacts are properly managed, or be refused on the grounds its environmental impacts cannot be adequately addressed.

If KUR-World can proceed, the CRG may be reformatted by seeking expressions from interested parties with appropriate skills.

Agendas and records

  • Reever and Ocean will develop and circulate a meeting agenda and any other reading material at least two business days prior to each CRG meeting.
  • The secretariat function will be provided by Reever and Ocean who will be responsible for:
    • Preparation of meeting packs which includes circulating a draft agenda for review and comment ahead of each meeting;
    • Record keeping;
    • Management of actions arising from each meeting;
    • Taking minutes, which will not include extensive details of the discussions, but agreed actions and responsible parties. These will be typed and finalised with input from the CRG attendees during the appointed meeting times.
    • Uploading the agreed CRG meeting minutes to the KUR-World website.
    • The CRG meetings will take place in Kuranda or Myola approximately every two months (refer to Appendix A).
    • A minimum of two weeks’ notice will be provided, unless an extra-ordinary meeting is required due to unforeseen circumstances.
    • They will be chaired by a representative of Reever and Ocean and will have maximum duration of two hours.
    • Only CRG members or their appointed proxy will attend meetings however there may be times when a specialist is invited to attend to speak to the group about a particular issue.
    • If a member cannot attend a meeting, the approved proxy is permitted to attend. The preference is to appoint members who can be available for all or most meetings.







October 2016

Consideration and selection of KUR-World CRG members

KUR-World Project Team                       

November 2016

Appointment of KUR-World CRG members

Harry Sou, KUR-World Chief Operations Officer (HS)

December 2016

Commencement of CRG meetings

Thursday 15 December 3- 5pm

Dr Geraldine McGuire, KUR-World Manager Community Engagement (GM)

February 2017

CRG meeting

Wednesday 15 February 3-5pm


May 2017

CRG meeting

Wednesday 3 May 3-5pm


July 2016

CRG meeting

Wednesday 19 July 3-5pm


August 2017

CRG meeting

Wednesday 23 August 2-4pm


October 2017

CRG meeting

Wednesday 4 October 2-4pm


November 2017

CRG meeting - TBA



December 2017

CRG meeting - TBC

Wednesday 20 December 3-5pm


Download here KUR-World-CRG-charter-v5.0.pdf