Latest news from KUR-World and Barnwell Farm


Environmental Baseline Surveys

Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) survey teams will be in the field over the next few months undertaking baseline water quality sampling, aquatic ecology, frog monitoring, soil surveys, groundwater monitoring and flora and fauna surveys. Most of this work will be conducted on the site itself but water quality will include the downstream sections of Owens and Warrill Creeks and the Barron River and will cover a number of events from first flush (when rainfall is sufficient to generate runoff) to peak flow and end of flow (late wet season) events.

Community Consultation

We are also working on establishing our Community Reference Group which has been expanded to include both local and regional representatives following declaration of KUR-World as a co-ordinated project.


Teams of professionals to undertake all the different aspects of the EIS are being engaged and studies will commence over the next couple of months.


Dam repair works

Works are progressing well in accordance with the operational works permit. We have excavators, scoops, rollers and graders on site to complete this work. We are repairing the dam wall and consequently the overall capacity of the dam will decrease. The areas surrounding the dam will be hydro-mulched and seeded.

Organic Farm

The organic farm plantings have commenced which include tomatoes, capsicum, chilli, basil, eggplant, sweet potatoes, turmeric and ginger sourced from local nurseries. Edge plantings of native species including lomandra and mulching will be undertaken to prevent erosion in accordance with a Sediment and Erosion Control Plan.


90% of the cattle fencing has been completed and currently there are 80 head of KUR-Cow cattle on the property. Little work is planned for the wet season except for managing the stock, finishing the fencing, and pasture improvements.