Latest news from KUR-World and Barnwell Farm


Environmental Baseline Surveys

Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) environmental surveys have commenced. Most of this work will be conducted on the site itself but water quality will include the downstream sections of Owens and Warrill Creeks and the Barron River.


Potential investors in the project will be visiting the property over the coming year.


KUR-World will be supporting the regional Chinese New Year Festival as naming rights partner. Mr Ken Lee, Founder & Chairman of Reever & Ocean Developments, who is the lead proponent of the KUR-World integrated resort development, said he was “immensely proud to support such a worthwhile and important event for the Cairns and Tropical North Queensland region”. “This three-year commitment will ensure that the festival can continue to grow and offer an even better experience for both visitors and  residents of the region”.



Dam repaired

All operational works on the dam have been finished and approved by the Mareeba Shire Council. We are now hydro-mulching and seeding will start soon to minimise erosion during the coming wet season.

Organic farm

Plants are growing well, ginger and turmeric are now sprouting.

Biodynamic preparations are taking place to improve soil quality. Fencing to keep wildlife out will be installed before the end of the month.


The focus for the next few months will be managing the KUR-Cow stock, finishing the fencing and continuing pasture improvements.

Open Day

An open day for the public is being planned for late January or early February 2017. If you would like to attend,  please register your interest with email/info)(, so that we can ensure that it is a safe and informative day.