Approval Process

In May 2016 Reever and Ocean Developments Pty Ltd (R&O) successfully applied to the Queensland Coordinator-General to declare KUR-World a coordinated project, which occurred on 12th July. The application included this Initial Advice Statement, which contains conceptual designs of the proposed development and potential impacts and benefits of KUR-World. 

Based on extensive feedback during the public comment period, a Final Terms of Reference (ToR) was issued by the Queensland Government on the 18th October 2016.

The ToR describes the studies that will be undertaken to record the environmental and social baseline conditions, and outlines the impact assessments that must be included in the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). It also sets out the requirement for a stakeholder engagement plan which includes the establishment of a Community Reference Group (CRG) and other forms of community engagement during the study and report preparation period.

The CRG will be comprised of local and regional leaders representing community, environmental, economic, tourism and agricultural interests. They will meet two monthly to review the progress of the EIS. Additionally R&O will issue a monthly newsletter and intend to hold quarterly public open forums to discuss the study findings with local residents and other interested parties.

Click here for CRG Charter Document Ver5

Questions and feedback will be collated throughout the entire study period and as answers become available they will be published in the newsletter.

Another opportunity for feedback is to review and comment on the draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). R&O is working towards completing the EIS in late 2017 which would enable the report to be released for public comment by the end of the year. The release of the draft EIS for public comment will be advertised in local, state-wide and national newspapers. Anyone interested in the project can register via this website to be notified when documents become available and for other updates.

A variety of engagement mechanisms are being implemented as part of the KUR-World approval process to ensure that information is shared and discussed with the various stakeholders as it becomes available from the studies. These include Public Open Days, Pop-up Stalls, Newsletters, formal presentations and the Community Reference Group meetings. A full list of the mechanisms and the timings are provided here.